Saturday, June 7, 2014

Can We Do This All Year?

I wrote this on 7/30/13, and had forgotten all about it. This little snippet captures my feelings about summer so very well, and I think it's a great example of my voice. Finding this in my drafts feels like unearthing a small treasure that I forgot I had buried. :)

Playing with the fireflies that swim all around me. They leap and dive and shimmer as I swing through the air that is at once relaxed and heavy with the expectation of something beautiful about to happen. Because beauty is all around us. Overhead the stars sing melodies to the sky while a plane sails by and leaves a string of cloud like a kitetail that glows raspberry and orange in the post-sunset atmosphere.

I never feel as alive as I do in the summer, and I just have one question:

Can we do this all year long? I would be happy as a clam in harbor if I could just come out here every night, and play with the fireflies and sing with the stars.

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